Life with IBS update: October 2016

Hello hellooo. Haven’t blogged in a while due to uni and my complete shell shock at how much work second year requires. The work shoots up and your social life shoots down. I’m only finding the time now to blog because retreating to bed (at 9pm yeh, judge me fam). How is it October already?? I spend so much time in my room reading Nietzsche and his weird ideas that I have obviously not seen the autumn drawing in! But bring on warm jumpers, warm coats and boots!! *insert eyes-with-love-hearts emoji which does not exist on wordpress*

A few things that have happened in the last few weeks that are IBS / GF food related: Hydrogen Breath Tests (HBT) to continue my search for IBS relief, a visit to Beyond Bread and some very painful tummy cramps (boohoooo). I still haven’t managed to even do a timeline thingy about my life with IBS which I said I’d do in both my last posts… obvs have to manage my life a bit better l o l. Who cares about Nietzsche’s ideas when there are blog posts to write?????

Something else exciting: my friend Mélanie (who also writes online) want to do a little collaboration blog on the ins and outs of stomachs in a different sense – we want to look at why stomachs and stomach health (all things IBS related basically) have become such a taboo in society. Why do we hesitate to tell someone we are suffering from the shits? Why do guys often talk about (and I have seen, share pictures from) their trips to the toilet, yet girls often seem to hold back on this kind of thing? All this is something we want to explore in a future blog post! BE EXCITED!!!

On to the HBTs: they are horrible. An absolute ordeal. But my belief here is short term pain, long term gain. I’m basically in a nutshell (I don’t do nutshells bc I like to chat but ok) being tested for various sugar intolerances and something called Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. So to be tested for sugars you will obviously have to fast (for 14 hours minimum) and then drink a sugar solution of the respective sugar you are being tested for. Then you have to breath into a tube every 15 or 20 minutes, and they test the gases that you are breathing. So it doesn’t sound that bad. Truss me m8. It is. Probably one of the most horrible things I have ever had to experience. Drinking a 250ml solution of concentrated glucose solution which is semi-warm after not eating for about 16 hours is not pleasant. But again, let’s gain a little perspective. Without this, I am not going to know what it is I could be intolerant to. So for every hunger pang, and every nauseating wave that goes through my stomach whilst doing these tests, I think that is one more step to feeling better and hopefully having a much happier tummier. My tummy is not a happy one at the moment, it is reacting to the shock of being back at uni so cramps have been a daily occurence, sad times. But it’s okay not to have a happy tummy all the time, and for the meantime deep heat is my saviour (Sainsburys I h8 u for taking deep heat off offer, they were a bargain!!!). Hopefully next blog post I will be able to report a happier tummy!

On a slightly more positive note as an interlude (or interfood HAHA punny): BEYOND BREAD!! I’ve been meaning to go to the gluten free bakery called Beyond Bread in Bloomsbury (Charlotte Place more specifically) for ages. Being at uni at UCL it makes sense for me to have gone there already. Alas, only at the beginning of my second year at uni have I actually made the trip. And I don’t really know why I haven’t gone there already. Pics below!! Be ready to salivate! (and yah I had to take a pic outside because I count as gluten free material too xoxox)

They offer sandwiches, baguettes, pastries, scones, and they even offer catering for occassions AND can make special GF cakes for occassions. So I think they’re a pretty good thing to blog about, and thanks to my bae Dan for coming with me and salivating over the food. XO

So that’s it for now. When my life picks up (will it though, will it????) I will be back for more blogging and when I find the time for going and exploring more of London’s GF scene I will blog blog blog. But for now it’s back to Effi Briest and the fun that this novel has to offer (so much, adultery and more!!!!).

Sending happy tummy lurve!





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