Hellooo IBS world

First of all thought I’d check in – a couple of new developments from the last few weeks that I want to report!!!

I finally got an instagram account to link to my Happy Tummy blog – it’s called @lenashappytummy, if you don’t already, please go follow it. It is all things low FODMAP, IBS tips (coming soon: for students), and beautiful brunch pics. E.g. the beautiful brunch pic above. Both the blog and now the account hope to contribute to breaking more of the stigma for us IBS sufferers and raise awareness.

One piece of reflection I’d like to note: the more I am engaging with the IBS community, whether on social media or in real life, the more I see that the awareness is growing and how far it has already grown. This makes me so happy!  It’s really cool to see this happen – brings a sense of comfort. So excited to see what the future brings for IBS peeeeepss…

Relating to this: I have recently got to know Jasmine from @ibswarrior (Instagram and Facebook) – she is an IBS coach and is someone who knows the true struggles and pains of the condition. She went through years of IBS-related nausea and symptoms before she managed to regulate the condition and now coaches and helps others back to health. What I love about her work is the phrase she has coined – IBS Warriors – when you have IBS you truly have to become a warrior to make a difference.  A mindset warrior. That is because IBS is SO MUCH more than a stomach condition. I repeat: so. much. more.

This brings me to the first bit of what I want to say about the IBS Mindset – the stomach is known as the second brain. I know mine certainly is. Whenever I am the slightest bit anxious, nervous or even happy, my stomach will feel it too. You name it, exams, competitions, dates, even going abroad, it feels it. And stressed-me means stomach overdrive. Having various anxious wobbly moments in my early teens was, in my humble non-scientific opinion, what actually triggered my IBS. This is when the IBS mindset comes in. This will be in instalments for the blog – brings more spontaneity and genuineness (is that even a word?).

FIRST STEP: POWER, CHANGE AND DIFFERENCE. Knowing that I am the only one who can change, help and heal my body and my stomach. I am in control of my body: my IBS does not rule me, I rule it. Prepare for a bit of cliché plz.

morning (1).png

If you want to start making a difference and strive towards following a more IBS-friendly mindset, the first step is to realise the need for change. It’s time to take back control over the cramps raging in your stomach. IBS requires change – a change of lifestyle, as it is a way of life, and that is just how it is. I admit, I still find that hard to accept.

And yep, easier said than done. But that realisation could be beginning a healing diet, seeing a dietician/doc, joining the IBS community there (hollaaaa like meeee), or even beginning a commitment to something that is going to heal your mental health. Could even just be coming clean with a close friend, or someone special, about your IBS and how it truly affects you, positive or negative. Whatever it is, whatever you are ready for, and however big or small, YOU can make that change and once you do this you empower yourself to continue with that change. Lots of bold here because I am being passionate. My realisation was the first step, that came with talking to my friends about my IBS, being more open with it, starting this blog, realising I wanted to heal my stomach. These changes bring personal growth. And gradually a happier tummy and mind. Buuut baby steps, I know I am not fully there yet! I am going through this with you all, I am still on the road to an IBS mindset! Writing this helps me just as much as it hopefully can help you!

To reiterate: it’s a brain-gut disorder. Think about the differences that even just a few little steps would make. Once you realise the need for change, you will realise what else can help you, what else can be changed, how to strive towards the IBS mindset.. Aaaand those are my wise words / jumbled thoughts of the day.

And finally to the last piece of exciting news: I am going to be partnering up with @ibswarrior on her latest project, more will be revealed soooooon, but it has lots to do with the IBS world and the low FODMAP life so stay tuned on my instagram account, and slightly longer updates here at The Happy Tummy!!!

Speak soon, stay happy IBS tummies!




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