FODMAP friendly Summer Rolls (with low FODMAP dipping sauce)

A great light summer meal, for lunch, lunchbox or dinner. Serve with a light sesame papaya salad if you are looking for something extra.


(serves however many you are looking to serve!) 

Dry rice paper rolls, try Asian supermarkets for these, more quantity for less.

Rice vermicelli noodles, 100g cooked and drained

Peeled & cooked prawns, 3 per roll (N.B. you could use chicken, pork, tofu!)

Coriander, handful, roughly chopped

Red pepper, half, chopped in thin batons

Cucumber, quarter, chopped in thin batons

Spring onions, green tips, chopped into thin batons

For the dip 

Coriander, chopped small

Rice vinegar, few tablespoons

Tabasco red sauce, few drops (it is HOOOOT!)

Salt & pepper to season

(Optional additions: ginger, sugar, lime, fish sauce)


  1. Make your dipping sauce. Mix all ingredients in a small ramekin bowl. Leave in fridge to infuse.
  2. Assemble your roll ingredients.
  3. Fill about a quarter of a big enough saucepan/bowl with warm water.
  4. Pop a rice paper roll in for around 20 seconds or until it becomes limp, but not gooey or floppy. Lift it out and lay it on a plate. This may take a few times to get used to at first!
  5. Fill your roll in the middle with your ingredients. Lettuce at the bottom, 2/3 prawns on top. Everything else in between! Don’t overfill.
  6. Lift right hand side of the rice paper roll over to the left so you cover the filling.
  7. Continue rolling to the left, and about halfway through, fold the ends in and over the filling.
  8. Then continue rolling tightly to the end until the whole paper wrapper is rolled up.Serve with the dipping sauce, optionally cut them in half for smaller bitesized pieces.

    Enjoy! If you use my recipe, tag me on Instagram @lenashappytummy, so I can see and share your creations! 

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