My 3 top tips for managing stress as a student

Any student knows that stress is just a part of the job description. It’s unavoidable when you have deadlines thrown at you from every angle. I thought I’d share my 3 top tips for managing stress as a uni student; after 4 years I’ve learnt lots of ways to manage it.

1.Treat your body right.
Your body is a #temple. Seriously, it is! Whether or not you have IBS, during periods of high stress it’s best to avoid going out and getting blind drunk, a sole diet of fast food and 3am bedtimes. Keep a balanced diet (but that doesn’t mean just eating salad and salmon!!! Chocolate is nice!!!), get enough sleep, drink enough water and aim to do some form of light exercise e.g. a walk. Same goes for all-nighters: avoid them, at all costs. Don’t even try to tell me they can be beneficial!

You may not feel the immediate effect of treating your body kindly but it’ll be thanking you for it, and will make sure you don’t end up too run down with the risk of catching the never-ending freshers flu or even burning out from an overtired, overworked system.

2. Don’t suffer in silence.
Never underestimate the power of a rant to your friend/housemate/mum/therapist/cuddly toy/pillow and the benefit of a good cry. Letting it out is an emotional detox! It avoids it building up inside you. Anxiety is not a threat, just unused ‘negative’ energy which builds up if not being dealt with or used. Ranting it out may shift some of the burden. Admitting you are stressed or anxious out loud may even make everything seem less scary and more manageable.

3. For the love of students everywhere, please have a work-life balance.
This is something that I know so many students find hard, including my uni friends and I. It’s either too much work or too much life. A balance between these is the best. It may seem hard to drag yourself from the library to go have a life without feeling guilty OR hard not going clubbing 5 days a week and forgetting coursework exists but I can almost guarantee you: a work-life balance will make your work more manageable and productive and your life more exciting and rewarding.

Whether this comes in the form of a routine and knowing when you’ll see friends, or go to the gym or cook something nice for yourself, it doesn’t matter. Ask any student what happens if they sit too long in the library: they’ll procrastinate, because they’ve got nothing else to do. This is where I was going wrong for 2 years of my degree. I didn’t plan much else but study sessions. Boring, I know! Being a uni student isn’t just about working, it’s about growing up and discovering life away from your desk.

Those were my 3 top tips for managing uni stress as a student. If you are suffering with stress, anxiety or anything else and find it is getting in the way of your daily life, please speak to your personal tutor, your uni GP or your uni student psychological services, someone will listen and help you.

REMINDER: Getting the best grades is not the be all and end all of life, even though it may seem like it in the moment. Look after yourself! It’s all about perspective: are you going to look back at your uni years and value the memories of those library all-nighters where you procrastinated taking Buzzfeed quizzes for hours? Nah. Didn’t think so!

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