REVIEW: Alflorex Probiotic

In January, I trialled the Alflorex Probiotic. Alflorex contains Bifidobacterium culture. That is essentially the good bacteria guys who can be beneficial for our IBS tummies, when suffering from symptoms such as constipation, cramps, distension and gas. My dietician recommends that I take a probiotic alongside eating FODMAP friendly (modified FODMAP), as it can help and is a good idea when you are not eating certain foods.

Did it help? Well, in January whilst on the trial, I was eating a lot of non-tummy friendly food, including some gluten, and FODMAPs. In no way was I getting as bad symptom-wise as I would have usually done. This could be because there was less stress for me in January, but I am sure Alflorex had a part to play in this. I was less bloated and had less discomfort.

However, I cannot say it solved my stomach symptoms completely, or made me feel too much better. I wasn’t expecting it to change a lot either. Because I have worked out that my IBS is very much linked with my mental health, it is hard to say for me whether a Probiotic can completely help. Just like how I cannot say and do not believe that eating tummy-friendly will 100% help my stomach either. I personally manage my IBS in a number of different ways, and taking a Probiotic like Alflorex can be one of those ways.

I would recomend it to those of you suffering from symptoms, as it is definitely worth a try. It may help, it may not. I always advocate looking at the wider picture with managing IBS: what’s going on in your life? Are certain food triggers affecting you or does it go deeper into what’s going on mentally? Everyone and every body is different: please remember that!

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