Tummy-Friendly Lunchbox: Brown Rice Salad with sesame dressing

Putting together some tummy friendly lunch ideas, as these were highly demanded over on my Instagram page. I will mark these as ‘Tummy Friendly Lunchbox’ in all recipes. Here’s my recipe for a brown rice salad with a coriander & sesame dressing. This uses fresh veg and then store cupboard ingredients, meaning you could meal prep this, or use leftover rice from dinner.

The Mix:

Generous glug of sesame oil (I’d estimate this is 1.5tbsps)  

Few drops of soy sauce (gluten free if need be, but a little soy sauce with traces of wheat is FODMAP friendly)

Garlic oil – small glug just for flavour if not using garlic

Brown basmati rice – 75g cooked

Small handful of plum/cherry tomatoes, sliced thin

Half an avocado – sliced thin

Celery – a small stalk, sliced

Handful of spring onion green tips, chopped finely

Spinach, a small handful, chopped

Coriander, dried/chopped frozen/chopped fresh, a generous bunch (fresh or frozen works better for flavour, just sayin’.)

Dried parsley, 1tsp

Smoked paprika, 1/2tsp

Asafeoetida, 1/2tsp

Salt/pepper to season

OPTIONAL: any other veg you like, including radishes, sweetcorn (canned – 10g is FODMAP friendly OR baby corn – 80g is FODMAP friendly), anything will work.

The Method

  1. Pick a pretty tupperware and assemble all your ingredients.
  2. Put the rice into the tupperware box, add the rice and veg. Close the box and shake so everything mixes.
  3. Add the dressing, i.e. the soy sauce, sesame oil, and if using, the garlic oil – you don’t need to pre mix this.
  4. Add your herbs, including the coriander and season.
  5. Close the box and shake it like a polaroid picture!
  6. The Most Necessary Step of All: Enjoy at work when you’re really, really hungry and all you can think about is Lena’s Happy Tummy Inspired Rice Salad 😉

    FYI: you could also add a protein. For instance, leftover prawns and chicken would work really well. Tofu too, for the veggies/vegans out there!
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