About me and Lena's Happy Lifestyle

I’m Lena, creator of Lena’s Happy Lifestyle and Londoner through and through.  I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 8 years, but I am only just getting around to changing my mindset. I am constantly learning how to manage it and feel well, whilst juggling the demands of being a young person with a chronic illness.

I set up Lena’s Happy Lifestyle (LHL!) because, after years of suffering in silence, I spoke up about it and found this helped me greatly. With LHL, I aim to create more of a community for IBS sufferers, particularly for young people who suffer from it. It is a condition on the rise amongst young people, including students. I suffered from IBS a lot at university too. So, I want to raise as much awareness as possible.

By chatting about my experiences, I aim to help others feel less alone and isolated, feelings which an invisible condition like IBS often fosters.

I create tummy-friendly recipes for the IBS community, but also chat about how to manage life with IBS on my website and on my social media. I believe that IBS management comes from paying attention not just to what we put in our bodies but how we treat them too. This includes dealing with all things uni-related, the IBS Mindset, and even how to navigate the dating world with IBS.

Over on Instagram and Facebook, I post about my daily life managing IBS. Look out too, as I also run giveaways and collaborations with lots of exciting tummy-friendly brands!

If you feel like IBS is getting in the way of your life, I am here to help. My recipes but also my lifestyle tips are sure to make you feel less alone. Give me a follow on Instagram/Facebook or reach out to me on lenashappytummy@gmail.com.

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